Realmcom is experienced in server installation, configuration, migration, and management.  If you need to simplify data sharing in your business, click here to learn more.

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When the network goes down, usually everything grinds to a halt.  Realmcom can help with troubleshooting, supply, and configuration to get your business back up to speed.

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Realmcom can supply, install, configure, and troubleshoot servers, computers, printers, backup drives, rack mount cabinets, UPS, networking, and all associated peripherals.

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Data security is critical to a business.  Anti-virus and anti-malware protection is a must-have.  Realmcom has a managed solution ready to go.  Click here for more information and a free trial.

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Realmcom provides onsite support to QLD's Gold Coast and surrounding regions.  Also remote support and workshop services are available.

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Domains and Hosting

Realmcom can manage your domain names registration and renewal, as well as zone records. Realmcom can also arrange hosting of emails, websites, and cloud servers.

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What good is a computer system without software to get your tasks done? Realmcom can supply, install, configure, and troubleshoot programs that help you grow your business.

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All your services under one roof

Get in touch with us today and see why many clients use Realmcom as their number one choice for IT support.  Whether you need an entirely outsourced IT department, or if you simply need assistance on project work, Realmcom can help.

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Welcome to Realmcom

IT for Small Business

Realmcom provides IT supply, support, and services for small/medium business and home/home office clients on Queensland's Gold Coast and surrounding regions.  From ordering a new domain name, email support, security software, new computers, data recovery, installing a new printer onsite, to managing server migrations and everything else in between, Realmcom is able to get the job done.  If you are in need of some IT assistance, get in touch with the office today.

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